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In addition to monetary 

donation here are other ways you can help

Property such as equine tack and supplies, cars, appliances, tools, real estate, all qualify for a tax write off. Click on the following link for Current Tax Information for Donors. Keep informed on new rules via the IRS Website.

VETERINARY BILL: Our current tab is at $3,900.00
You can receive a full tax write-off for making a contribution toward our veterinary bill directly to the veterinarian.

McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital
(509) 928-6734


Consistent donations through a reocurring or subscription payment are extremely valuable to nonprofits!  50% of our donations come from public contribution and fundraisers which means we have to constantly work with a fluxuating budget. 


EQUINE ART PROGRAM  - Visit the Equine Art Page

For a donation of $65.00 one of our wonderful equine artist will create a custom painting with your choice of colors and canvas type. The finished product is not framed. 

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