Meet our diverse group of therapists, counselors and life coaches who collaborate and partner with Leading With Horses at Second Chance Ranch.

Please contact the partners below for information on program enrollment or scheduling Equine Assisted Therapy.  If you are not able to reach them, please feel free to contact us at SCR


A Holistic Approach To Wellness


We have enjoyed a successful collaboration with Excelsior since 2021. In the midst of a pandemic, Excelsior took extraordinary measures to provide their youth with healing and therapeutic options.

I highly recommend their diverse programs for local youth. Call today to discuss enrollment options. 

Excelsior Wellness


RISE Behavioral Health Program

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The RISE Program is located at Providence Holy Family Hospital campus is an intensive outpatient day-treatment program for individuals with mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, and suicidality. It’s designed to help you to building skills to help you live and function well in the community and avoid being hospitalized or re-hospitalized for your mental health condition.

RISE has incorporated Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) training through H.E.A.L and we look forward to expanding the program this year. 

Cindy Crawford

Groundwork Life Coaching

Cindy Crawford, Certified Professional Life Coach and Horse Handler, facilitates both individual and small group sessions utilizing H.E.A.L and a faith-based approach to help clients identify and overcome limiting beliefs, develop strategies to manage difficult life situations and discover God-given gifts and purpose.


"A Walk With Horses" is a small group activity perfect for families, peer groups and co-workers. This can be structured as a team building activity or spiritual retreat. One hour, 3 hour and half-day sessions are available.

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Caitlyn Vogl

Foundations Family Support

We have enjoyed watching Caitlyn's success here since 2020. She has extensive equine experience and is our "resident pro" on Equine Facilitated Therapy.  

Caitlyn is not taking new clients at this time. 

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Kodie Mobbs

Whispering Winds

Kodie is trained in a variation of EFP called Equusoma.  In this modality, horses are co-facilitators along with the therapist during the session.  In a sense, they are viewed as a professional.  During session, horses lend their nervous systems to the client during the therapeutic process.  This allows the client to work through their nervous system processes externally and internally. This format provides space for the client and the horse to be seen and be heard.  People who benefit from Equusoma may include but not limited to  those with traumatic experiences, intergenerational trauma, anxiety, and self-esteem. 

More information can be found about Whispering Winds Therapy at

Schedule a consult to find out if Equusoma is for you.



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