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Animal Behaviorist ~ Trainer ~ Instructor

Available for private instruction or small group clinics


Whether a lifetime or first-time horse owner, I will help sort out miscommunications and give you the tools to keep your relationship with equines and canines moving
forward in a positive direction.


Concepts of Cognitive Learning; The use of Classical and Operant Conditioning to better understand why your horse develops good and bad habits.  Hint - you are
doing both everyday.


Decoding Your Horse’s Behavior; Understanding herd behavior and roles; a deeper understanding of their communication with each other and how that impacts our  interaction. Hint - they know we’re not horses.


Basic Ground Work through Advanced Behavioral Issues; How to get started, go back to fix a specific issue, or a reboot and brand new start. Hint - You got this!

There is a special connection that humans have through interspecies relationships, be it horses, dogs, or other animals in our lives, that transcends the boundaries of language.  Our understanding of their perceptions, responses and reactions are key to mastering effective communication and ultimately getting the result you want.

A lifetime of observing both domestic and wild-born animals has progressed into a 45-year career as an animal behaviorist, instructor, animal actor trainer, and author. Primarily thoroughbreds and warmbloods, all breeds of dog, and wild-born wolves.

Second Chance Ranch is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that I founded in 1999.  For 25 years I have managed herds of 40 - 70 thoroughbreds and other sport horse breeds, specializing in physical and mental rehabilitation of all ages. More than 2500 equines and nearly 1000 canines have passed through my program with successful results.

My current herd of 40 retired sport horses at the SCR sanctuary are part of an Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy program doing what they do best. Teach and heal.

Through the thrill of victory and agony of defeat, these noble, highly intelligent and often misunderstood animals continue to teach me as much about myself as they do about themselves.  We all need help with relationships! 

I provide an educated and objective evaluation of your horse, and guidance for you to train and maintain the behaviors you want.

“If you’re not willing to learn,
No one can help you.
If you are determined to learn,
No one can stop you.”

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