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As the founder of SCR, Katie continues to be the visionary for the organization’s direction of growth and program development.

As the on-site caretaker, Katie manages all daily aspects of ranch operations and is caretaker of the horses and dogs. 

She has enjoyed a 34 year career as a professional animal trainer / behaviorist,  and 20 years leading this nonprofit. 

Executive Director


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Molly Lindquist is currently a student in software development and does writing and photography in her free time.

She grew up visiting horses on her grandfathers ranch and loves coming out and spending time with our herd. Happy to lend a hand, she’s been jumping in with assisting with tasks around the ranch, taking photos for social media and making updates to our website.

Her husband Eric Lindquist is a volunteer as well and they’re happy to be on board.

Volunteer - Social Media, Assistant Facilitator



Eric Lindquist is an IT professional who enjoys volunteering at the ranch to help with landscaping and interacting with our herd. He grew up in a horse town but didn’t have the opportunity to interact with many at the time. So he’s thrilled to get the chance to spend time on the ranch and chip in.

He’s been helping to introduce some of Spokane’s youth to the herd during our interactive sessions and finds this work very rewarding. 

Volunteer - Assistant Facilitator


Alexandra (Ali) found, and adopted, her soul mate at SCR!  Braego, a 14 year old thoroughbred gelding, chose her and they are living happily ever after in Spokane! 

We are fortunate to have Ali share her experience and talents with horses here at SCR.  Ali grew up ... in Alaska, where she caught horse fever at a young age. After a few good horses, she found her Heart horse in a young MorAb gelding named Pride. They taught each other a lot, training, showing and butting heads. She has been involved with horses ever since, in Arizona, Washington and Oregon, where she helped rebuild and coach the OSU Event Team. Each horse she has worked with teaches her something new, and leaves its mark with her. Now she just enjoys spending time with her best friend, Braego.

Volunteer - Equine Trainer / Handler


Mary and her husband, Ken, introduced themselves after seeing a story about SCR on the news in 2017.  We had just relocated and needed help getting the horses moved and settled in. 

She works at Engine Insights who has an employee "Community Service" program where you are paid a day's wages to volunteer at a nonprofit. With Mary's diligent campaigning and coordinating we have now had nearly 100 Engie employees out - both in large group work parties, and individual visits.

Mary and Ken became SCR's heros and continue to work their magic here still today! 


Volunteer - External Volunteer Coordinator, Extraordinaire



SCR is seeking to expand our board of directors by inviting key business professionals in the Spokane community to provide strategic planning and direction. 

Katie Merwick, President | Executive Director  As the founder of SCR, Katie continues to be the visionary for the organization’s direction of growth and program development. She has enjoyed a 34 year career as a professional animal trainer, behaviorist, and author.


Valerie Burgess, Vice President –Valerie is a member of, and works at the corporate offices of, the Tulalip Tribe. She is the owner of three SCR adopted horses. Valerie and her husband Jay serve as a foster facility and provide technical assistance for our website.

Jessica Hoppe, Secretary – Jessica now lives in North Carolina was formerly a writer for Thurston Talk.com and an anchor person for NBC Montana. Jessica has three adopted SCR horses.


Diane Tice, Director – Co-Founder of The Pacific Institute. Global speaker. Diane and her late husband, Lou Tice, pioneered  teaching the concepts of  basic psychology in a platform for  achieving your potential.  Over the past four decades Diane’s work through TPI has driven significant transformation, helping to establish infrastructure in post-apartheid South Africa and to foster peaceful discussions in Northern Ireland; empowering the education sector of Guatemala and the Mo tribe of Ghana; and leading Olympic athletes to victory.  Diane serves as an advisor, mentor, and benefactor to SCR.