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The Journey

      & Leading With Horses

Equine-Human Interactive Learning

& Facilitated Psychotherapy

Second Chance Ranch was established in 1999, and serves as a sanctuary for a special collection of retired sport horses offering an innovative animal assisted platform for mental, behavioral and physical health professionals to utilize.  Leading With Horses (LWH) is our Equine Facilitated psychotherapy (EFP) program that delivers a unique non-riding alternative to conventional talk and other behavioral therapies.


We have as our main goal, interaction and partnership with healthcare providers and professionals to achieve a more holistic and comprehensive approach in providing solutions and treatment.  Leading with Horses is the only platform with a work space that is open to all licensed mental health professionals, including psychologists, therapists, social workers, and counselors.

Our program serves any person(s) of the community who are being treated by licensed healthcare professional. With this large reach into the health professional field, we can optimize collaboration and maximize the positive impact on our community.  Our platform is not intended to be the sole location of a therapist’s practice, however, we provide a work space and collaborative opportunity for both for-profit and nonprofits who could not otherwise offer animal assisted therapy to their clients.  


Some of the critical issues society faces today are substance abuse, suicide prevention, anger management and anti-bullying.  Leading With Horses provides an environment that fosters emotional growth and healing to those who are moving forward from physical or mental trauma.

It is our belief that creative learning environments will put children and young adults on the path to becoming tomorrow’s forward thinkers, innovators and leaders.


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Find your next best friend at Second Chance Ranch! 

Not all of our horses are coaches in the equine facilitated therapy program. A few special kids are waiting to find their forever homes. 


Meet some of the adoptable horses and learn more about our adoption process. 

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Show some love to our beautiful herd of sweethearts! 

In addition to grants, we depend on the kindness and generosity of the public for donations. 

We are currently asking for contributions for our veterinary bills and feed funding.