Second Chance Ranch serves as a sanctuary for retired sport horses. Not all of our residents participate in the Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy program, directly.  There is great value in the opportunity to observe herd behavior of this large group of horses living "as a herd".  All of the horses are SCR are given time and attention by our staff and volunteers! 

Consistent donations through a reocurring or subscription payment are extremely valuable to nonprofits!  50% of our donations come from public contribution and fundraisers which means we have to constantly work with a fluxuating budget. 

The annual cost of each horse is between $3500 - $4,000

For each horse that you sponsor in full (paid by month, quarterly, or one annual payment) we will send you or your chosen recipient(s) an email every month with a photo or video and story of the horse(s) being sponsored in their name.  


Sign up for a monthly, reoccurring payment of partial support per horse, and we will send you or your chosen recipient(s) a one-time E-card letting them know that a donation was made in their name. It will include a photo of one or more horses, tell their story, and invite them to visit the horse being sponsored in their honor.


Corporate Sponsorship: Take advantage of all the great benefits in addition to letting your customers know how you are contributing to a worthy cause. 

  • Tax write-off

  • Free advertising on our website with your logo and link

  • Social Media recognition through Facebook (33,000+ followers)

  • A framed photo of the horse(s) you are sponsoring to display.

  • If you “Adopt” we will send a monthly report written by the horse for you to display with a photo for your customers.

Click on a photo to learn more about these horses and our other equine coaches available for you or an organization can sponsor or adopt. 


*Zen* I’m 10 years old in earth years, but a much older soul. I like have special talents to help people.


*Bedford* I’m 18 years old and have lived at SCR for 14 years. I’m the boss of horses—kids are the boss of my heart.


*Buddy* I’m 11 years old and have to wear special shoes for arthritis in my feet. I love candy and kids!

*Finny* I am 9 years old. I love to give hugs and get a lot of practice at SCR.


*Spyder* I am a young 13 years old. I hurt my foot as a professional jumper. SCR needs your help to fix it!


*Slick* I am 13 years old. I had an accident when I was a baby. SCR took me in and now can run and play. I love to talk to people.


*Starlett* I’m 13 years old. SCR took me in after I got fired from my job as a racehorse. I love my job here because I get lots of candy and kisses.


*Swifty* I’m 16 years old, but emotionally, I am 2 years old. I was born autistic, but still have a lot to teach people.


*Koenig* Sprechen zu deutsche? I am 28 years old, from Germany! I am “fancy” and dance dressage. Now I do other tricks to entertain people.

Second Chance Ranch is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donate securely online with any debit/credit card.

your contribution can be a memorable gift 
to friends, family and co-workers.  
There is no greater way to honor someone than to have them be the inspiration or occasion of your “giving” to a worthy cause

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