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Pricing Policy

Adoption fees are based on fair market value which includes age, soundness and training, and always negotiable.  The price is the same you would expect to pay if you found the same horse for sale anywhere else, although we usually have them priced lower. 

Our adoption contract states we will buy the horse back if it’s not working out or you are not able to keep the horse, at any time in his/her life.  Adoption prices are not listed online, as we evaluate the horse’s value (soundness and training) at the time you come out to meet them.


*Note: We understand that some horses may have significant value due to your investment of training. If you need to re-home your adopted horse at any time, SCR reserves the right to market the horse for fair market value and will give you the proceeds.  This way, your costs stop, you get the price you would have if you had sold him yourself, and SCR continues an adoption contract.

 Adoption Process

All horses at Second Chance Ranch are adopted on a contract and available to homes in  WA and OR state.  Our goal is to match our horses with forever homes. The adoption process is simple yet thorough.


  • A phone interview rather than written application

  • If there is a potential match, you will come out to meet the horses – bring trainers, spouse, parent or anyone involved in the decision

  • You must ride the horse at least once to determine if we should move forward to a trial period.

  • There is a mandatory trial period - typically 1 week to 1 month depending on the horse - to determine if the horse responds well in your environment before making a decision.


Belle is unraced and sound. She was born with a cleft pallet. She lived at the property she was born at until the owners moved in 2018, and needed to rehome Belle. She was raised with kids and has a super kind heart. 

Sleek, classic Seattle Slew lines with a mature and settled mind. A great "green" project.

Prospect Disciplines: Jumper, Lower Dressage, Trails.


Height - 15.3

Born 2008


lady adopt 0618.jpg

Lady has track training, sound and unraced. She is smart, willing and would be a great project for someone who wants to start from the beginning.


Disciplines: Jumper, Lower Dressage, Trails.


Height - 15.3

Born 2009


finny longe.jpg

Finny raced once and retired sound once his owner passed away. He is started over fences.

Disciplines: Jumper, Lower Dressage, Trails.


Height - 16

Born 2008



Chickasaw is a very well known and loved horse at Emerald Downs! He won the Chinook Pass Sprint race three years in a row, and many others, ending his career at 11 years old with a total earnings of $205,000. He loved his job and although he had a bowed tendon, he retired sound and remains sound. He is a great mount for trails or dressage. Even at his age - he has all the moves down naturally. Although Chickasaw is a very loving horse and bonds deeply with his person, he needs someone special that can earn his trust. His sire is the infamous "Delineator". His offspring are known for being someone unpredictable in new environments. Chickasaw stays tuned in to his person if you bond with him because of his excellent and very predictable work ethic.

Disciplines: Trails, Dressage.


Height - 16.1

Born 2002